W.I.R. Lautstark - Festival against Racism? And who are WE/W.I.R.?
W.I.R. - an initiative from Werdau against racism. W.I.R. consist of a circle of friends, who all grew up in Werdau, a small Saxon town in the area of Zwickau. We have our families and friends in Werdau, who all have a strong emotional attachment to this city and region.

The reason behind our initiative is the result of the increasing racist agitation and attacks on refugees and migrants in Saxony recently. Similar to the rest of the Federal Republic, the polarizing mood is seemingly the same in our hometown and its surroundings.

Right slogans have arrived back in the centre of society.

Racism has always been a concerning and on-going issue in Werdau and many other places in Saxony. We grew up in this hostile environment, and unfortunately it still exists in our daily life. For this reason, we founded the organization “W.I.R. – Iniative of Werdau against racism”. The organization is also here to serve as an anti-racist platform in the future which aims to connect other critical voices, interested parties and active people in the city. In addition to the stimulated networking, W.I.R. wants to create an alliance against racism and other forms of discrimination in the city.

Yes WE/W.I.R!

W.I.R., including you: students, parents, teachers, new and exisiting residents of Werdau, and all our neighbors.

Yes, Lautstark = loudly against racism!

A festival – an attempt – to make solidarily self-organization and creative work possible to experience. An attempt to discuss all forms of discrimination and oppression creatively.

W.I.R = WE want to critically question our living reality. // W.I.R = WE want to make our coexistence more inclusive. // W.I.R – Lautstark, a political art and culture festival.

Yes, in Werdau!

Werdau – a mix of different people, cultural influences and lifestyles. In Werdau, there are potentials that we want to rediscover and revive.

1Community Cinema
media and art workshops

which you can register for

– film, theater or Poetry Slam

– 15 participants max. per workshop

– as a warm up all participants will get an anti-racism training on Thursday afternoon

A colorful evening program

with theater, podium discussion, poetry slam, concerts, open stage and soli party!

A ``community cinema``

with selected films on themes like “Racism in Germany”, “Escape and Migration” “international liberation struggles” and “empowerment and self-organization”.

An open space

for ideas, initiatives, exchanges, networking, getting together, hanging out, organizing and all what you make out of it!

More about the workshops.

You are motivated and you want to participate? Don’t hesitate and register bindingly for one of the three available workshops.(Maximum 15 participants per workshop.)

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Some speakers, bands and djs,...
Still TreesHeadliner Band

Everything is getting faster, more electronic and more unreal. Only when you travel to a Saxon hicktown, you realize it can also be different. Still Trees incarnate that which was long gone – Rock‘nRoll! It seems that the Mersey Sound is celebrating its second big success and the British brashness nds its echo. It is probably the tristesse of a small town that the Still Trees are soaking up and let themselves and their audience drift somewhere else…

Erik Leichter & Toni FischerPoetry Slam speakers

Wer sich in der Poetry-Slam-Szene auskennt, für den sind Erik Leichter und Toni Fischer keine unbekannten Namen. Selbstironisch und satirisch nähern sich beide den gesellschaftskritischen Themen unserer Zeit.


With polyphonic loops and poppy Hip Hop tunes, a little bit of Jazz, a pinch of Soul and Funk the duo LONA from Zwickau will start off our Open Stage on Sunday evening!


DJ Conny Wolf

DJ Conny Wolf ist den Liebhabern elektronischer Tanzmusik in der Region kein unbeschriebenes Blatt. Mit melodischem Techno und Deep House wird er die Meute zum Tanzen bringen.

Hört mal rein!


The Soularkestra – they consist of Cars10, Cosmo, Jorma Suggah Baby, Gaxus, Masha, The Mayor, Tiny Tim, D‘Jenselo and the Ice Liberator – a total of nine heads, ten instruments and three rappers from Berlin and Hildesheim. They play instrumental Hip- hop with in uences from jazz, reggae, Afro beat and, of course, soul. Music for the soul with words about the everyday life, and questions on the society, but always with positive sounds and messages for the neighbourhood and the community.



ADS – „Attack the System“ – is a group of rappers and music pro- ducers from Berlin who lyrically and musically ght against racism, sexism and other forms of oppression. Regardless of personal or social issues, they are not afraid to criticize grievances and point their nger to the culprits.


What else do we need?
• Catering (snacks, coffee and cakes, lunch and dinner) • Technology (stage, light, ..) • Sleeping places • Eating and restaurant vouchers for Werdau • Rooms • • Financial support •We want the festival to be free of charge and open to everybody.Next to already received funds by different foundations, we are still in need of financial support in order to cover workshop as well as travel costs. Therefore students of the 'Alexander von Humboldt' high school got together and started a crowdfunding campaign! Support our students and contribute to help letting this important project - not just for us, but for the whole town - happen!Donate now!

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