CREATIVE-WORKSHOP #1 (from 14 years old)Collective Short FilmWorkshop with Christopher Patz and Manuel InackerWant to make your rst short lm? Then come and spend 3 days with Manu I and Chris P! We will tell stories and transform them into visuals. In small groups, we will brainstorm and use it creatively.More about the Workshop team members: Christopher Patz is a documentary lmmaker from Australia. He is living in Europe for quite a while now. He studied in Canberra, Madrid, Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. He is currently working on a lm concerning Pakistani labour struggles in the textile industry, where, for example, KiK &Co. produces their clothes at a cheap labour cost.Manuel Inacker is a German-Croatian director from Siegen. He has lived in many different countries (e.g. Australia, Turkey and China). He lives in Berlin now. In 2014, his lm unsichtbare Stadt“ “PALLAS- SEUM - INVISIBLE CITY was his debut short lm At the Berlinale 2016.Sign Up now
CREATIVE-WORKSHOP #1 (from 14 years old)Instant Stories - from snap to lm clipWorkshop with Tran Thu Trang and Fallon Tiffany CabralIn this workshop, we go together to nd the stories of our everyday life. With the aid of small lm and writing exercises, we develop ideas for stories which we can process with simple tools/methods into lm clips. Experiences in lm and editing/ cutting techniques are not necessary. With the help of our smartphones and/or cameras, we will be shooting creative lms without much materials needed. Please bring your smartpho- nes or cameras (if available) with you. If you do not have both, you can still join. Please contact us, we will provide you with equipment.To the Workshop participants: Since 2016, Tran Thu Trang has been working as a part of cobratheater.cobra at the „House of the Digital Youth“, a cooperation with the children‘s and youth theatre, „Theater an der Parkaue“, sponsored by the Federal Cultural Foundation. She is part of the Kuratorentea- mam of the Berlin Asian Film Network, a non-pro t platform by and for lm makers as well as lm-lovers with Asian-German references. Since May 2017, she is on the board of the Migra- tion Council Berlin. Fallon Tiffany abral, dipl. Pol., prepares her doctoral thesis on the intersection of family and racism research, works as a freelance trainer and consultant with the focus on racism, sexism and empowerment.Sign Up now
Creative - WORKSHOP #3POETRY SLAM - Express yourself!Workshop with Erik Leichter and Antonin FischerAnger, grief, joy: sometimes nothing better expresses than through spoken words. From poetic verses, absurd narratives, simple ways of writings or just as it comes to mind. Find the right form of expres- sion to put your ideas and thoughts on paper and lastly on a stage. Where can I get the creative ideas? How do I write a stage text? How do I perform in front of the audience? The Poetry Slam Workshop conducted by two experienced stage poets, Erik Leichter and Antonin Fischer, will hopefully give you all the answers to those questions.Jetzt anmelden
CREATIVE-WORKSHOP #4Forum TheatreWorkshop with Frank Hohl from TPZ Sachen e.V.In this workshop, we will develop playful and creative solutions and various alternate actions in con ict situations - based on real situations. An easy introduction to the improvisational theatre will be given. With the help of mutual trust, group games and exercises to our voice and body, we will improve our communication skills and sharpen our perception at the same time. One example for instance is „Theatre of the oppressed” by Augusto Boal.Sign Up now
CREATIVE-WORKSHOP #5HipHop Workshop for beginnersWorkshop with Crisanto and AldinhaDance- Basics and HipHop History für cuturell exchange and a social together.Sign Up now